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This case is suitable for storing stationery
Comes with a free case, 2 pieces. Perfect for storing pens, stationery Also convenient for storing various small items such as cutlery, medicine, batteries and more. Pens and spoons may not be able to be stored depending on the shape. The batteries can hold approximately 6 AA batteries and 12 AA batteries and 40 AAA batteries depending on the shape of the package. Please note that it cannot store AA batteries. Please be careful

Outer dimensions (approximate): W8.2cm(3.2") x D3cm(1.2") x H16cm(6.3")
Inner dimensions (approximate): W6.8cm(2.7") x D2cm(0.8") x H15.1cm(5.9")

Weight: 50g(1.7oz)

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Heatproof temperature: 120°C(284°F)

Cold resistant temperature: -20°C(-4°F)

Package: OPP plastic bag

Ages: Suitable for ages 6 and up