Mandom Gatsby Inside Lock Motion Control Wax

Mandom Gatsby Inside Lock Motion Control Wax

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Superior hair styling ingredients keeps hair bundles in place while delivering a refined, textured finish with a mattified effect.

  • Inside Lock ingredient (ketoglutaric acid) penetrates into the inside of hair and holds hair from the inside to ensure hairstyle lasts all day long without stickiness.
  • Mattifying ingredient (diatomaceous earth) has shine-removing and water absorbent properties, which allows product to be applied with no shine, giving the user a more laid-back, casual look.
  • Water-soluble ingredient allows the wax to be easily washed off with warm water, leaving no residue in the hair.

  • Spread a small amount on palms and fingers. Apply on hair several times to ensure spreading on entire hair evenly. Then, create a desired style. Always close the cap after use.


  • 75g(2.6oz)