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POCO kitchen sponge "is a sponge (for kitchen) that just puts a suction cup in a place like a sink and puts it in a hole of a sponge. It has good ventilation and keeps the sponge clean. The sponge is foaming, durable and functional in three layers.

Where to install
(Glossy flat surface) Stainless steel, mirror, larger tile than suction cup, transparent glass, metal painted surface and so on.

installation method
1. Wipe off dirt, moisture, oil and so on of the mounting surface and suction cup part cleanly and dry thoroughly.
2. Please press the suction cup strongly against the wall.


Size: Sponge About DIA. 9.1cm(3.5") x 3.5cm(1.4")
          Sucker About DIA. 7.2cm(2.8") x 5.3cm(2")

Weight: 39g(1.4oz)

Material: Sponge Polypropylene (PP) Non-woven Cloth, Nylon
                 Sucker Vinyl chloride resin

Package: OPP plastic bag