Our Promise

Our promise to our customers

Authenticity Guaranteed
We pride ourselves on only dealing with officially licensed merchandise. We do so by carefully selecting our suppliers and distributors. That way you don't have to worry about the authenticity of our products, it's guaranteed official merchandise.

Fans First
We're fans too here at Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, so we know what to look for when sourcing our products. We want everyone to be able to show off their true fanaticism with great loot! We are also welcome to suggestions and requests because we want to put fans first.

Packing Quality
We know that the quality of our product is essential, so we pack all our products carefully to try and avoid damage in shipping. We do so quickly to avoid long wait times, and we even pass along promotional items from our suppliers.

Customer Care
We are friendly and caring people here at Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, and that doesn't change however we talk to our customers. Whether at conventions in person, over the phone, or online, we will be friendly, and courteous to all our customers!