K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H WP Dark Brown

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・Wonderful water resistance: With K-Palette's unique high-adhesion retention agent. water
・Resistant to sweat, tears and rubbing, so stays looking beautiful for a long time.
・Comes off easily with warm water: Despite having wonderful water resistance, this comes off easily with warm water, so can gently be removed.
・Wonderfully easy to apply: With an ultra-fine brush tip that has firm hairs. Very flexible and stable, so you can draw lines without any blurring.
・Superb coloration: One application brings you high coloration. Not watery and doesn't fade easily. This gives you deep coloration without any inconsistencies.
・Dries very quickly: Thanks to its superb quick-drying capability, makeup shifting and bleeding are prevented.
・Cares for your eye area and lashes: Contains 5 kinds of carefully-selected beauty ingredient. These care for the eye area and lashes while bringing makeup application.
・A type that does not color through pigmentation: With a kind-to-the-skin formulation that can be cleanly removed and doesn't leave color on the skin. (Doesn't penetrate past the stratum corneum.)